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The moment Kenzie Drake walks into Attorney Lennon Bishops world, she turns everything upside down. When a sex tape featuring Kenzie in a starring role lands on Lennons desk, his harmless crush spirals to epic proportions. Driven to distraction, Lennon decides the best way to get Kenzie out of his mind is to get her out of his office. Kenzie finds herself kicked to the curb with a brother to support and no idea why her sexy boss fired her. Short on options, she jumps at the first lifeline shes thrown-one that comes from the plaintiff in Lennons most prestigious case. To get her payout, Kenzie must break the law, and into her former bosss apartment. There is no such thing as a perfect plan, especially during robberies. If it isnt bad enough being caught red-handed, Kenzie finds herself trapped with Lennon in an elevator when the city is hit with a blackout. But when the lights go off, the truth comes out. The more Lennon and Kenzie talk, the more they realize everything they left unsaid...and unexplored.

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Stand: 14.11.2017
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